Happy Teacher’s Day – 20 Nov 2023

In Highlands, we have teachers standing on the podium at Training Centers, and we also have teachers ‘on the floor,’ guiding and mentoring in daily tasks. Every morning, these teachers come to the office at the same time as the staff, and even after work, they tirelessly participate in classes, read books to enhance their […]

Townhall & Teambuilding 2023 – 24 years Our Amazing Journey

Townhall & Teambuilding 2023 – a 3-day, 2-night program where over 1000 members of Highlands Coffee, from both the North and the South, gathered in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau to participate. The event’s highlight was the sharing session by the Board of Directors about the upcoming development direction, focusing on “GRATITUDE” and […]

Humanitarian Blood Donation – Proud Of Vietnamese Bloodline

A small amount of blood donated can bring years of life to someone. On Tuesday morning, October 10, 2023, Highlands Coffee, along with its BU members, donated 149 units of blood to patients undergoing treatment at Hospital 175 and Truong Sa Island Medical Center – a remote island district where the need for blood is […]

Highlands Coffee Honored To Receive Vietnam Leadership Excellence Award & Vietnam100 Best Place to Work 2023

In 2023, Highlands Coffee was honored for the first time at the Vietnam Leadership Excellence 2023, receiving the Visionary Leader award and being ranked among the top 100 best places to work in Vietnam. The achievements included: Top 5 in the Tourism/Hospitality/Resort industry Rank 55 among large enterprises Top 50 voted favorite employer brands. These […]

Highlands Coffee Central Post Office Grand Opening with Unique Experiential Space

This afternoon, on December 15th, 2023, in a warm and cozy atmosphere, with the presence of numerous esteemed guests, Highlands is extremely proud and happy to introduce the 5th generation Flagship Store with a space for the experience of freshly roasted coffee and premium tea at 2 Công Xã Paris, District 1, Ho Chi Minh […]

Christmas Atmosphere Fills Highlands Coffee Offices

The festive season is in full swing, and undoubtedly, the hearts of all Highlanders are filled with joy. In harmony with the excitement, Highlands and its team members have had some memorable moments together. Let’s recap the “Chilling Christmas” images at Highlands Coffee offices! On December 22nd, at the Saigon Head Office, the chilly weather […]

A Special Day Dedicated to the Silent Heroes of Highlands

Surely, the recent 17/11 was a meaningful and unforgettable day for everyone, especially for Highlands’s Men. Somewhere, we heard a funny saying that goes, “Men are children who never grow up.” That’s why we prepared many fun games for the Highlands’s gentlemen to enjoy on their special day. Let’s take a look at how the […]

Highlands Coffee – Career Day Talk 2023

Regularly every year, Highlands Coffee participates in Career Day events to bring attractive job opportunities to students and fresh graduates. In this Empower Growth Career Day event, it was even more special because Highlands Coffee collaborated for the first time with partners VietnamWorks, Google, and NIC to offer internship positions. The event was organized in […]

Highlands Contributes To The Hair Library With The Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV)

On Sunday, October 29, 2023, we, the Highlands-ers, came together to participate in a very special run, where every step we took was dedicated to “FOR THE ONES I LOVE.” Highlands participated in this run as a sponsor for meaningful activities organized by the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV). 100% of the proceeds from this […]