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Hiring FAQ


To apply for jobs at Highlands, candidates need to be at least 18 years old and graduated high school or higher.

To find out more job opportunities at highlands, please visit the following links:

  • For Store Operations:
  • For Back Office:

It can be communicated directly with the Store Manager. Highlands always strives to create convenience in working shift for employee with the minimum of 4 hours per shift.

Highlands welcomes those without working experience to join Highlands Coffee. You will get training & induction and be arranged suitable position.

  • Highlands has more than 500 stores nationwide and is opening new stores every week. Therefore, you can apply at the site:, Highlands will contact and prioritize the arrangement of the most convenient area for you.
  • Besides, you can follow Career fan page to update the latest recruitment news at:

Highlands DO NOT charge recruitment fees under any form. Recently, there are many subjects impersonating Highlands employees to scam recruitment fees.

Therefore, please note that for the operations team, all applications need to be submitted through

At Highlands Coffee, we always welcome back our alumni. You can apply by following the appropriate link below.

  • For Store Operations:
  • For Back Office:


At Highlands, we have wide variety form of interview encompassing phone call, online interview, offline interview & walk-in interview. It will depend on the position & situation; suitable form of interview will be applied.

  • After receiving the application and assessing the suitability, the company will arrange and contact the qualified candidate to discuss and schedule a face-to-face interview (in case the candidate goes on to the next round).
  • Please note that only the most suitable profiles will proceed to the next rounds. Applications that do not match will be archived for future opportunities.

The process of receiving and evaluating the application will take from 5 to 10 working days!

  • To reschedule the interview, please contact via email and phone of the interviewer so that the company side can receive information and arrange another interview time (if any).
  • Rescheduling the interviews often or at last minute can leave unprofessional personal image. Apparently, it will make you less competitive/attractive when compared to other candidates. In order to avoid adversely affecting the interview results when you need to reschedule, please notify the employer as soon as possible.
  • If the candidate does not notify about not participating in the interview, when re-applying, there is a risk of being eliminated in the application review round.


At Highlands, you will get an attractive income including salary, bonus, allowances and benefits accordingly to the current Vietnamese labor law. In addition, Highlands also provides many valued activities such as hard and soft skills training, annual travel and team building, participation in annual competition internal promotion programs and many other events.

When working at Highlands, you will be trained in hard and soft skills necessary to develop to higher positions. For a company with rapid expansion like Highlands, we always focus on training the successor team to develop together and maintain the leading position in the industry. Details of the development roadmap will be discussed further in the interview.

Highlands always focuses on core values as a guideline and makes a big investment in people as well as the working environment. Highlands is highly appreciated for its human and strategic development, dynamic and developing environment, attractive salary and talented leadership team. This is also shared through the company’s 5 core values which in including:

  • Team spirit and cooperation
  • Respect and integrity
  • Passion
  • Proudly Vietnamese and share the community
  • Caring about the customers

Highlands organizes many useful activities such as hard and soft skills training, annual travel & team building, internal competitions and many other events.