This afternoon, on December 15th, 2023, in a warm and cozy atmosphere, with the presence of numerous esteemed guests, Highlands is extremely proud and happy to introduce the 5th generation Flagship Store with a space for the experience of freshly roasted coffee and premium tea at 2 Công Xã Paris, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

This significant event marks the beginning of a journey of exploration and innovation to propel Highlands’ continuous development, conquer new heights, and provide customers with increasingly perfected and excellent experiences.

The special store which named Highlands Central Post Office, will undoubtedly bring customers fresh experiences in terms of freshly roasted coffee, tea, and Vietnamese and international cuisine in a contemporary Vietnamese-inspired design.










Here, customers can observe the coffee roasting machine and enjoy the experience of specialty coffee from famous regions in Vietnam such as Cau Dat, Son La as well as renowned coffee-growing regions in the world like Brazil, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

In addition to traditional Vietnamese-style coffee, Highlands also offers coffee brewing methods popular worldwide, such as cold brew, pour-over, and syphon to create new experiences for consumers.


The store also features a Tea Zone on the mezzanine floor, offering a beautiful view of Notre-Dame Cathedral, where customers can enjoy afternoon tea and carefully selected delicious pastries.








Notably, the gift shop is a highlight of the experiential space with freshly packaged freshly roasted coffee products and highly practical souvenir merchandise. Here, one can find many special products available exclusively in this store.

With meticulous designs crafted to create truly rich and unique experiences for valued guests, we firmly believe that, together with over 700 other Highlands stores in Vietnam and more than 50 stores in the Philippines, we are working together to elevate the long-standing cultural heritage of Vietnamese coffee and spread the spirit of national pride, harmoniously connecting tradition and modernity to the local community and beyond.

The opening ceremony of Highlands Central Post Office received the participation of many esteemed guests, including local authorities, strategic partners, suppliers, our leadership representatives, and garnered a great deal of attention from the community.


Once again, we are proud to share with you the information about the grand opening of the 5th generation Flagship Store with a space for the experience of freshly roasted coffee and premium tea, with utmost joy and pride. Come and experience it with us!



















The special members of the Highlands Central Post Office team

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