Talent Award 2022

As one of the most anticipated competitions of the year, with the mission to bring Highlands’ talents a professional, rewarding and enthusiastic playground to show their talents, passions and affirm their own values. Dear. Continuing the success of previous seasons and the mission of “Becoming the champion of delicious Vietnamese coffee at a reasonable price […]

Kids Career Summer 2023

As one of the playgrounds organized for children who are members of the Highlands Coffee family. July 2023 is the time for the children to have the opportunity to become talented and brave child warriors with super bright and dynamic summer experiences with the “Summer Apprenticeship – Teen Career Day” program. AMAZING EXPERIENCE AT CAREER […]

Annual Blood Donation Campaign

Having become a regular annual event, with tangible meaning for the community, the BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN by Highlands Coffee, in collaboration with Military Hospital 175 – Ministry of National Defence, ended successfully on 26/08/2022. It has attracted enthusiastic volunteer participation from numerous members working in HCMC. Donating blood is a righteous gesture from an individual […]

Cakes Given – Hearts Filled

This Mid-autumn season, on 06/08/2022, in collaboration with HCMC People’s Committee, Highlands Coffee had organized a meaningful and festive evening ‘Vui Don Trang Ram’ in Ward 8, District 8, HCMC for children who lost their loved ones to COVID-19. Over 100 Mooncakes – Highlands’ main Mid-autumn product – have been given with sympathy, togetherness and […]