The festive season is in full swing, and undoubtedly, the hearts of all Highlanders are filled with joy. In harmony with the excitement, Highlands and its team members have had some memorable moments together. Let’s recap the “Chilling Christmas” images at Highlands Coffee offices!

On December 22nd, at the Saigon Head Office, the chilly weather and exciting activities at the Sala office made the Xmas atmosphere more lively than ever. We prepared small, lovely Christmas gifts accompanied by meaningful cards to give to our Highlanders.

Contributing to the cozy atmosphere in Hanoi, we also organized a warm little party, exchanging gifts, hugs, and enjoying some cake to welcome the bustling Christmas season.

In addition to Christmas gifts, Highlanders immersed themselves in the festive spirit, warmth, and camaraderie with their teammates through cute, fun, and exciting activities at the “Chilling Christmas”  Workshop. 

◾️ Christmas statue painting:

◾️ Another equally fascinating activity was the Christmas wreath decoration contest: 

In tune with this lively atmosphere, the Sala office also organized a small, incredibly warm party for our Highlanders.


We are delighted to have celebrated a warm and affectionate Christmas season with our Highlanders. We sincerely wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas filled with sweetness and cuteness. Highlands wishes you a Chilling Christmas!

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