On Sunday, October 29, 2023, we, the Highlands-ers, came together to participate in a very special run, where every step we took was dedicated to “FOR THE ONES I LOVE.”

Highlands participated in this run as a sponsor for meaningful activities organized by the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV). 100% of the proceeds from this program will be used for raising awareness, providing support, and empowering those fighting breast cancer, such as providing wigs made from real hair and breast prostheses for individuals who have undergone breast surgery, organizing mindfulness-yoga-meditation sessions, and offering other practical assistance.

PINK RUN – the first Pink Run event was held during the annual Pink Hat Festival organized by BCNV.
We are delighted to contribute our enthusiastic steps, joining hands to spread love to the community, and contribute to creating positive value and support for breast cancer patients with the message that they are not alone in this battle.

Continuing the loving footsteps on the Pink Run, on November 14, Highlands joined BCNV in donating hair to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment at the 108 Military Central Hospital in Hanoi.

In collaboration with the Hair Library this time, Highlands contributed 10 sets of hair, totaling 35 million VND, to establish the 12th Hair Library of the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV) with the desire to make a small contribution and spread positivity to cancer patients.


Highlands is very happy to accompany breast cancer patients on the journey of “Joining hands to paint life pink.” We believe that every hair donated carries thousands of hopes, that in any circumstances, everyone has the right to feel beautiful and love themselves. And we hope that this support will contribute to spreading a meaningful message of compassion and community sharing.

We wish the patients good health, always remain optimistic, and remember that you are not alone because we are here to accompany you on your fighting journey.

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