In Highlands, we have teachers standing on the podium at Training Centers, and we also have teachers ‘on the floor,’ guiding and mentoring in daily tasks. Every morning, these teachers come to the office at the same time as the staff, and even after work, they tirelessly participate in classes, read books to enhance their skills, and lead the team.

The profession of ‘Highlands Teachers’ is not just about having specks of chalk dust on their hair, but it encompasses pressures, responsibilities, and practical lessons every day.

Thank you, teachers, for always wholeheartedly teaching and guiding tirelessly on the journey of igniting the Highlandsers. I send my wishes to all the teachers to always maintain their passion on the path of sharing knowledge and developing individuals at Highlands ❤️

On this November 20th, we have shared numerous stories and heartfelt thanks to the mentors at Highlands. Let’s listen to these professional stories and expressions of gratitude together.

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