Surely, the recent 17/11 was a meaningful and unforgettable day for everyone, especially for Highlands’s Men. Somewhere, we heard a funny saying that goes, “Men are children who never grow up.” That’s why we prepared many fun games for the Highlands’s gentlemen to enjoy on their special day. Let’s take a look at how the Highlands’s Men “enjoyed” themselves on International Men’s Day.

We have to acknowledge that Highlands’s Men work very well and are also skilled at playing games.

The first-ever International Men’s Day organized at Highlands was surprising and meaningful. We hope that the silent heroes of Highlands had truly immersive moments in the love and appreciation we dedicated to them. Thank you, gentlemen, for choosing to accompany Highlands. Thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication, and responsibility. We wish that all of you will always be filled with love and happiness in life.

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