🩸 A small amount of blood donated can bring years of life to someone.
On Tuesday morning, October 10, 2023, Highlands Coffee, along with its BU members, donated 149 units of blood to patients undergoing treatment at Hospital 175 and Truong Sa Island Medical Center – a remote island district where the need for blood is always critical.
Human blood donation – a beautiful and humanitarian gesture that we have maintained for many years, and each blood donation campaign has received enthusiastic responses from numerous members. We would like to express sincere gratitude to all the members who have shared their loving blood drops because for patients, blood is the “medicine” that is only “produced” from the compassionate hearts of healthy individuals.
Continuing the spirit of our fellow Highlanders in the South, on November 7th, the Northern Highlanders in red successfully organized the Human Blood Donation – Proud Vietnamese Bloodline event for the second time in 2023 at the Hanoi Opera House.

This time, Highlands North has spread the spirit of support to the surrounding community. We not only invited Highlanders but also encouraged nearby office employees to participate in this meaningful humanitarian activity. In response to this invitation, a total of 109 volunteers stepped forward to donate blood, and 94 blood units were successfully donated.

The number of participating employees is evidence of the spirit of unity and strong dissemination of support to the community by the people of Highlands. Each donated blood unit will bring additional hope to those in need, giving them a chance to be healthy and even sustain their lives.



No act of kindness is ever insignificant when performed with sincerity and compassion. We would like to deeply and sincerely thank all our dear brothers and sisters for joining hands in creating a successful Human Blood Donation event.

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