Townhall & Teambuilding 2023 – a 3-day, 2-night program where over 1000 members of Highlands Coffee, from both the North and the South, gathered in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau to participate.

The event’s highlight was the sharing session by the Board of Directors about the upcoming development direction, focusing on “GRATITUDE” and “PROMISE”. This made Highlandsers feel that this is truly a family, not just a workplace. The Founder’s small question, but extremely inspiring, was: “I want to know what everyone here needs, what Vietnam needs to cultivate talent for the future.”

The Townhall & Training Tận Tâm 2.0 was filled with valuable knowledge, as participants had the opportunity to directly listen to the BOD sharing their vision and future direction.

The enthusiastic spirit of Highlandsers was evident as they wholeheartedly embraced the festivities. Many shared that despite meeting for the first time, they held hands and fully engaged in every bonding activity, displaying a strong sense of unity.

All Highlands members have collectively created “Every Amazing Moment” throughout our 24-year journey, and many more years to come will certainly continue to be “Our Amazing Journey.”

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