Spending a whole week with a variety of exciting activities dedicated to the women of Highlands on the occasion of October 20th, we had moments of bonding and expressing our love for “the other half of the world.” Highlands is truly proud and happy to always have you – the women of Vietnam who have been accompanying us in creating a vibrant Highlands.

Let’s recap the memorable moments of the 20/10 week together!



The “Lovely day” workshop was a small and lovely gift from Highlands to our beloved women on this special October 20th. With a beautifully decorated space, gentle music, the scent of essential oils in the air, and various interesting activities prepared… the workshop attracted many sisters to come and enjoy, showcase their talents, and relax together.






















A lively 20/10 season took place with numerous festive activities. We hope that not only the women of Highlands but also the other half of women around the world will have truly blissful moments immersed in love. May you continue to shine, spread positive energy, and show feminine care to the community around you.

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