On the early morning of Sunday, August 20th, the weather in Saigon suddenly turned colder than usual due to the influence of heavy rain from the previous night. But instead of “indulging” in a little more sleep to reward ourselves on the weekend, nearly 100 of us Highlandsers woke up, got dressed, and joined The Golden Asia Run 2023, a gathering we had prepared for many days in advance.

Just like in previous running events, every time we participate, we always proactively share with the community the best products and the best service spirit of Highlands through thousands of HC vouchers given to runners in the race kits. At the same time, we join hands with the organizers to raise funds for scholarships for students with difficult circumstances. And each time, we also contribute a lot of “running spirit” with enthusiastic steps, youthful energy, and the utmost excitement, spreading a positive sports spirit.

And do you agree with us that every action we take contributes little by little to creating a working environment full of passion, joy, and happiness? Through waking up early together, running together, sweating together, greeting each other on the course, cheering and encouraging when we see our teammates struggling, or waiting at the finish line cheering loudly when our teammates cross it… Those moments truly convey to each other a sense of camaraderie, friendship, unity, sharing of joy and happiness. That’s how you are helping us create Highlands – a wonderful workplace!


Another running event has come to a close with lots of joy and precious moments. Congratulations to all the Highlands runners who have achieved their goals in the 5km, 10km, and 21km races. Let’s review the notable achievements and exciting photos from that day. See you in the upcoming activities, and we hope to welcome many more members to join the Highlands “running team” in the future.

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