The nearly 03-month journey of “Talent Award 2023” has come to an end, filled with explosive emotions, creative competitions that embody the essence of Highlands. It was a showcase of our passion for the profession, our youthful enthusiasm shining brightly. Talents Award 2023 once again provided us a platform to share our unwavering passion for our careers, where we could acknowledge, inspire, and build the future generation of talented Highlanders.

Fifteen contestants delivered outstanding performances and achieved prestigious titles, earning valuable recognition.

Highlands Coffee BU Head – Le Thai Anh, expressed his feelings: “In every competition, there will be individuals who earn titles. These prestigious titles will be awarded to a select few members. However, in this space filled with love and admiration, we are all winners as a collective. The contestants standing here are truly my idols.”

Over the course of three months, with 700 contestants from all over the country and the continuous support of 12 judges, along with the hundreds of members from the organizing and support teams, this meaningful journey was brought to life. From the results of the nationwide finals, the Organizing Committee would like to sincerely share the news with the entire Highlands Coffee team of 10,000 members nationwide. We proudly announce the three CHAMPIONS – those who have engraved their names into the prestigious title of TALENTS AWARD 2023 in the following competition categories: MASTER BARISTA, SERVICES EXCELLENCE, and STORE MANAGER.

03 champions of the Talents Award 2023

As this journey comes to a close, the stage lights fade, and the excited cheers subside, it is also the time for us to return to our cups of latte, milk frothing, to the ambiance and service at our stores, and to the team and the myriad of daily tasks in the coffee shops. However, we believe that in each of our hearts and memories, a warm flame has been ignited. These are the meaningful moments, the new friendships formed during the Talents Award 2023 journey, and the deepened love for Highlands.

A successful season has come to an end. Let’s nurture, prepare, and look forward to meeting each other again in Talents Award 2024, with many new surprises in store!

It was an emotional journey that has left beautiful memories in our hearts. Let’s cherish, nurture, spread, and continue to share these memories with our colleagues, customers, and the community around us. Let this competition not just be an event but a driving force to create wonderful values on the journey of “Bringing the best of Vietnam to the world.”

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