Tet 2023 is coming closely. Let’s take some time together to reminisce about the wonderful year that the Highlands team has journeyed together!

  • We have opened 130 new stores in 11 new provinces and cities. The total number of stores nationwide is now 549, featuring unique and extraordinary architectural designs.
  • It has been a year filled with awards for our work environment:
  1. Top 3 in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry.
  2. Top 55 Best Places to Work in Vietnam.
  3. Top 50 Attractive Employer Brands for Vietnamese Students.
  • We have also had exciting events, including the announcement of our brand revitalization campaign and development plans for Highlands, as well as vibrant training activities for our employees.
  • Numerous team-building activities have been organized for our staff members, as well as events for the families of Highlands Coffee members and the community at large.
  • Recruitment activities have been vibrant, meeting the expanding needs of our store network and continuously developing our team.
  • We have received precious wishes from both loyal customers and first-time visitors to Highlands, which we deeply appreciate.

  • We had a special Teambuilding event that brought together over 1000 colleagues from across the country. Additionally, we had a joyful New Year’s party with the member companies of VTI Group.

Tet is a time for each of us to reflect on the journey of the past year and together make plans to welcome a new year filled with aspirations. We sincerely wish you a warm and joyful Tet filled with laughter and happiness with your family.

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