In March, Highlands has prepared a multitude of heartfelt gifts to honor and celebrate WOMEN. Among these special offerings are captivating articles featuring remarkable female figures, inspiring stories of the “strong women” who work at our shops, the announcement of the photo contest winners, and much more. These endeavors serve as a genuine expression of love and admiration for the incredible women of Highlands. These are the whispers that the editing team and the dedicated gentlemen of Highlands have meticulously prepared in recent days.
When I have a Woman Leader

The story behind the bar

Her time – What she did beyond administrative work and how she found her passion
Tạo dáng ngon – Chụp hình chất contest
There are countless ways to express love and affection for women, but nothing can be more effective than genuine heartfelt sharing. Allow us to extend my wishes to all women for good health, eternal beauty, radiance, happiness, and peace.

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