We all have 24 hours in a day. And if calculated by a common standard, here is how we use the time frames of the day:

  • 8 hours to serve the basic needs of eating, sleeping, resting,..
  • 8 hours for relationships around you, meeting, chatting with friends, relatives, children, or moving like going to work – going home, going to the market, going out…
  • 8 hours left to be at the office, workplace, chatting and working with colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

So, each of us spends more time with colleagues, superiors, and subordinates than with our parents, children or spouse. Most of the time, colleagues are not blood relatives, close relatives with us, but the time of day spending with them is the most, more than all other relationships of our own. It’s the truth.

Wouldn’t we be happier if we could work, interact with lovely and likable colleagues, do the work we enjoy and live every moment to the fullest?

In this Highlands is Ours, let’s “travel” to the bonding activities we carry out during April. You will encounter a lot of laughter, joy, and pride of the members of Highlands in every moment. Those are the moments when Highlands is happy because of you.


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