Having become a regular annual event, with tangible meaning for the community, the BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN by Highlands Coffee, in collaboration with Military Hospital 175 – Ministry of National Defence, ended successfully on 26/08/2022. It has attracted enthusiastic volunteer participation from numerous members working in HCMC.

Donating blood is a righteous gesture from an individual to the community. Not only does giving blood increase the chance of saving many lives but also it contributes to a healthy society on its merits.
136 blood units have been successfully donated by Highland Coffee’s warriors-in-red and members of VTI Group in the hope of alleviating the pressure on blood banks, doctors, nurses, and patients in their fight to hold on to precious life.

Let’s take a look at the meaningful images taken from Highland Coffee’s ANNUAL BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN – TU HAO DONG MAU VIET together!

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