Store Operations Senior Director/ VP

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The day-to-day activities

Brief summary of job profile:Senior Store Operations Director will be responsible for leading the retail store operations & the operations team function to ensure all the stores are operating efficiently and effectively, achieving the customer service experience and at the same time achieving the sales and profits. This position will also design strategies to increase profits, implement policies and procedures that increase operational effectiveness and maximize long-term store performance, as well as makes recommendations for operational improvement. Key Accountabilities: 1. Strategic & Budget Planning
  • Liaises with leadership team to develop long-term strategy and business plan to advance the brand, and ensure long-term profitable growth.
  • Leads the development of the AOP (Annual Operating Plan), ensures the successful execution of market plans and the advancement of priorities.
  • Identify barriers to grow. Strategically analyzes the business to set operational priorities for the market and drive results.
2. Retail Operations Management
  • Develop and monitor budgets, P&L and Cashflow for retail operations to drive top-line growth and bottom-line profitability
  • Drive the execution of the business plan that will improve employee performance and streamline operational efficiency
  • Manage day-to-day retail operations, ensuring that all stores (both company owned and franchise stores) are operating at efficiently & consistently as operational standards, delivering excellent customer service, and meeting or exceeding performance targets
  • Evaluate operational and financial records to determine sales performance of stores
  • Set vision for change to enable innovation and guide leaders to provide the right support
  • Work closely with Marketing team to develop and implement marketing and promotional strategies that support sales growth
  • Understand competitors’ activities, customers’ need & preferences based on sales data and market research to proactively propose and implement improvements in stores operations to deliver sales target, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
3. Quality Management
  • Develop & regularly evaluate the efficiency of retail procedures & standards by analyzing operational and business generated data against established KPIs and metrics, and propose improvements
  • Ensure compliance with company’s policies and standards, and government’s regulations on product quality, food safety and hygiene, service and cleanliness at all stores
  • Oversee the development & implementation of quality control programs following Government regulations to ensure consistency and quality of products and services at all stores (both company owned and franchise stores
4. NSO/ Audit/ Admin
  • Oversees and make sure all NSO (New Store Opening) and RRR (Renovation, Retrofit, Refresh) projects are completed on time, right quality, and right budget
  • Control the inventory & payment process in store to ensure minimum risk in finance management ·
  • Ensure all maintenance services and are provided to the company and the cafes, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of all tools, equipment, and furniture
5. Operations Training
  • Oversee the development & implementation of all operation training activities & succession planning for operations staff to improve technical and soft skills, to provide excellent customer services and meet performance objectives
  • Lead the Training System digitalization to improve training activities & quality to enhance efficiency and flexibility
6. Operations Human Capital Development
  • Lead the Talent Review and Succession Planning programs to develop leaders for Operations team and ensure sufficient and capable human capital pipeline
  • Provide strategic leadership and develop team member
Key Performance Indicators:
  • NSO rollout vs plan
  • ADS growth
  • Same store AC growth
  • NPS/ Customer Satisfactions Score
  • Store EBITDA
  • BFSCE score
  • % completion of strategic initiatives
  • Employee Engagement

Job requirements